Project Description

  • IV Catheter With Pen like Type 1
  • IV Catheter With Pen like Type 2
  • IV Catheter With Pen like Type 3
  • IV Catheter With Pen like Type 4

IV Catheter With Pen-like Type

Stainless steel needle
GPPS needle hub
FEP catheter
PP catheter hub
PP protective sheath
PP vent fitting

With Pen-like type
With Injection valve type
With wings type
With “Y” type
Safety various type


220ml/140ml/75ml/54ml/25ml/15ml/19ml according the gauge.




I.V.Cannula:  Butterfly type, Pen-like type, Wing type
Gauge Product Specification Flow Color Code
14G 2.00″(2.1mmx50mm) 300mL/min Orange
16G 2.00″(1.7mmx50mm) 200mL/min Medium Gray
18G 1.77″(1.3mmx45mm) 90mL/min Dark Green
20G 1.30″(1.1mmx33mm) 61mL/min Pink
22G 1.00″(0.9mmx25mm) 36mL/min Dark Blue
24G 0.75″(0.7mmx19mm) 18mL/min Yellow
26G 0.63″(0.6mmx16mm) 12mL/min Purple

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