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IV Infusion Set

Infusion tube: PVC
Vented Spike: ABS
Drip Chamber: PVC
Flow regulator: ABS or PE
Injection port: Natural latex or latex-free

Plastic spike, flow regulator, injection port, needle connector, needle, Y-site, filter, tube.

With or without air vented spike;
With or without a needle;
With or without fluid filter;
With or without “Y” injection port;
Luer lock or Luer slip connector;
Or other devices as your request.

20 Drops/ML(Pediatric), 60 Drops/ML(Adult)

150 cm, 180cm, 200cm or customized

Spike: Air-vent or non-vent
Connector:Luer slip/ Luer lock, Y-type
Injection Port: Latex Injection Port
Needle: With or Without Hypodermic Needle (19G-27G)

Individual package,500pcs/carton