Virus Sampling Kit

Virus Sampling Kit used for collection, transport, maintenance, and long-term freeze storage of viruses. Which is including medium in the tube and nasal/ throat swab, with Blister package. ITEM Disposable Virus Sampling Kit Material Nylon Flocked tips+ABS stick+Transport Tube Composition Nasal flocked swab for sample collection test*1 Oral flocked swab for sample collection test*1 Transport medium vial tube with preservative storage fluid-3ml/vial*1 Components Non-inactivated or Inactivated Liquid Volume 3ml or Customized Tube Size 10ml--16*100mm The shape of Tube Bottom Skirted V Tube/Vial Diameter 15-16mm Cap Diameter ≤20mm Cap Type Screw Swab Nasal Swabs, Oral Swabs Swab Size 13*150mm Swab Breakpoint Nasal Swabs: 83-85mm, Oral Swabs:30mm Sterile Sterile By EO gas/Irradiation Or without Sterile Application Suitable for the collection and isolation [...]