Even Medical Alginate Impression Powder 3D Mold Casting, available as fast set or regular set/normal set, has been recognized by many customers for its excellent reproduction quality and ease of use for novices. It is specially formulated to capture the tiniest lines and tiniest details of skin and is ideal for creating impressions of 3D objects such as baby hands and feet, pet paws, adult hands, family hands, faces, and body parts. Alginate Moulds that there is no need to remain still for long periods of time as it solidifies. You can even replicate favourite items such as decorative plasterwork, perfect for preserving, restoring, and replicating! As a dental-grade product, Even Medical alginate is also suitable for the professional dentistry sector to make detailed impression moulds of gums and teeth.

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  • SKIN-SAFE INGREDIENTS – Alginate is mainly derived from seaweed and is absolutely safe to use on delicate newborn skin. EVENMEDICAL Alginate is latex free. When making impressions of body parts with hair/fur, use a barrier such as petroleum jelly to prevent hair from getting stuck in the alginate mould set.
  • All packaging is new and has a long shelf life (minimum 2 years). EVENMEDICAL alginate complies with ISO13485, CE approval, and safety directives for 3D life casting and dental applications.
  • Chromatic Colour Changing Alginate makes the process super easy. The alginate impression powder is light green by default (there are other options available), it turns pink when mixed with water, and turns back to light green when it solidifies.
  • Water below 30° is required to mix the alginate. This temperature ensures that the set time works as described. Warmer water makes the alginate set faster, and cooler water makes it slower. Water temperatures below 30° are optimal for making impressions of the baby’s hands, feet, and other body parts.
  • Mixing time is 1 minute 30-40 seconds – allow an additional 20-30 seconds to submerge hands/feet/objects in the mixture. Alginate starts to set at 2 minutes and is completely set at 3-4 minutes.
  • Once set, hands/feet can be easily removed from the container while the mould retains its shape and the intricate details it captures.
  • The plaster should be poured into your impression within 15 to 20 minutes of creation. If immediate casting is not possible, alginate moulds can be kept for up to an hour and a half to an hour or so, as long as they are sealed in a polyethylene bag or airtight container and kept moist with a damp cloth.
  • Even Medical Alginate Impression Powder, as the fast set, will ensure that the finest details are captured in the mould.
  • Even Medical recommends the use of Even Medical Gypsum, Even Medical Plaster, as the dental grade when making plaster models, ensuring that the finest details are reproduced for castings. You can find the plaster on our website. Immediately after making the mould, you will need to fill your impression with your desired casting material.
  • Each order includes complete instructions for use.

Instructions for use of Alginate Impression Powder 3D Mold Casting

  • Pour the alginate into the container.
  • Pour into water below 30°C, green alginate will turn purple.
  • When stirring, the purple will become lighter.
  • Put your hand into the alginate, the colour will turn back to green after 30 seconds.
  • Slowly shake your wrist and stretch out your hand, it will be cloned.

Recommended setting conditions

  • Water Temperature: 23°C/73°F(below 30°C)
  • Mixing Ratio: 100g powder/300ml water (1:3)
  • Mixing Time: about 2’00”
  • Working Time: about 2’00”
  • Setting Time: about 4’00”

Technical Overview

Chromatic Colour Changing: Light Green Powder > turns Pink when mixing > turns to Light Green
Mixing time: Up to 1 minute, 30-40 seconds (allowing 20-30 seconds to get subject ready into the mixture for setting)
Starts to set at: 2 minutes
Fully set at: 3 – 4 minutes
Temperature: 23°C/73°F(below 30°C)
Mixing Ratio: 1500ml of 30°C Water to 500g of Alginate ( Ratio: 3/1)


For more details on alginate impression moulding powder, please check this link: Alginate Impression Material Technical Data Sheet

Alginate Instructions 3d casting

Reference suggestions (Alginate Grams)

Age Single hand Single foot
Newborn-1 year old 50-80g 80-100g
1-2 years old 100-120g 120-150g
2-3 years old 120-150g 150-180g
3-5 years old 150-180g 180-200g
5-10 years old 180-250g 250-300g
Adult 250-300g
Couple holding hands 500-600g


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Skin safe – can be used on delicate newborn skin. Even Medical Alginate is dental grade and is perfect for making dental/gum impression moulds.

500g packs – large 500g packs ensure longevity when purchasing in bulk.

Fast setting – perfect for quickly creating 3D impression moulds of babies, pets, and children.

Chromatic Colour Changing – ensures you know where you are at with the mixing, setting, and full set stage of the alginate.

Algiante Impression Material Color Change Instructions

You can use Even Medical alginate to make all kinds of precious souvenirs

Even Medical Alginate Impression Powder allows you to create a variety of 3D moulds. You can fill your mould with cast plaster, following the manufacturer’s directions for use.

Available in packs of 500g and up to 12 kg (24 packs), the more you buy per order, the better the value of each pack of alginates.

Also, we can provide other grams or custom packaging, please send us the inquiry.

Often use alginate? Why not inquire now to ensure you always have a steady supply of Even Medical Alginate on hand when you need it?